Sunday, February 14, 2016

My experience in the arctic was immeasurable in it's variety, scope and adventures.

I have moved back to my home province of Ontario and find I miss the haunting beauty of the north, the winter sky with all the universe on display, it's dancing aurora, and the feeling of cold air on my face.

I will miss my pintail visitors, buntings and ravens (for all that they are).  Below is a video of a raven who had been listening to a neighbours dog bark, then tried it for himself..remarkable bird!

My beauty

Queen of the land

My dog came with me to enjoy a peaceful life, free from the abuse and violence which she was subjected to; before you judge me she is a husky, an outdoor dog who rarely wanted to be indoors no matter the weather.

Under the snow at my door
These are my final images taken in 2015.

Thank you to all who have taken interest in my blog and blossoming photography skills (see what I did there?).

Autumn on the tundra

Apex Melting

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