Monday, February 2, 2009

guilty pleasures

Recently I was shipped out to Ottawa for medical treatment. Finding myself alone in the village and hungry, my first guilty pleasure was a drive thru Wendy's hmmhmm. Yes the cabbie drove me thru and back to the hotel. Total cost of Wendy's #1 meal = $24! Was it worth it? I confess the food tasted very salty. Did I really eat this before? Eww. too salty too greasy and the beef had no flavour.
What a difference a year makes.

Second guilty pleasure? Between appointments I had one free day. My plans were to skate the canal, see the gallery and view the Notre Dame Cathedral. First stop was the National Gallery and to my great surprise they had a Bernini exhibit showing! For the added cost of $6 Bernini!
That pretty well took my whole day going room to room through the beautiful gallery, eating lunch on site and of course shopping the gallery boutique.
I'm not sure what the rules are, but I touched a sculpture! Yup touched it!

Once finished there it was four o'clock. The wind had picked up and skating was put on hold.
link to National Gallery

Across the street to the cathedral. Now I'm not Catholic and not even very religious but in my travels love to see the large churches and cathedrals. The glass work, the architecture, the flooring are exquisite. Again another beautiful surprise upon entering; the organist was practising on the pipe organ. Alone in the pews, I marvelled at the sites and sounds of the majestic structure.
(Image: bcserge,

While the city grappled with the 18cm of snow and the transit strike I hiked on to the Byward market in search of a great sushi place called Kinki. Just as I was about to give up and eat at a sub place instead...there she was like a beacon through the storm.
This finished my day and back to the hotel to rest up for what would be the most memorable, most painful surgical experience of my life.