Monday, September 28, 2009

this 'n that and back

Montreal- primary school. I think the first kid is portrayed in a chair wearing a dunce cap!

A secret entrance way. Old Montreal

Upon returning home from a much needed visit south, snow had blanketed the rocks, the berries were done. All things as they should be. I listened to the men across from me in the plane, one a man who grew up in the north; Inuit, the other accented and en route to Igloolik from California. The visitor had a brand new Snow Goose winter parka; the rest of us northerners- light jackets, me; a fleece zip up. The northerner was patiently answering all the questions the visitor had. I smiled. One clearly proud of his home the other curious and excited for his upcoming adventure.

South was loud, hot and my skin broke out. Even the nights were warm. I have never enjoyed the hot steamy days of summer and delight in the northern expression of the season.

Glass honouring WWII Army, Navy, Air force volunteer forces.

Even though I have lived in large cities, the crowded streets exhausted me. We discovered ways around to avoid the busy thoroughfares. Then one morning the wind was gusting and it reminded me of home, I turned my face windward and reveled in the breeze. It felt good, it felt familiar.

It was almost novelty to go outside without a jacket, to see bird houses hanging in trees, TREES, and even the weeds overgrowing gardens were like seeing old friends.

Back home.....drama unfolds as I was visiting with my daughter and doling out her shopping requests we heard a dog screaming. When I looked out it was our little Kamik. One leg up and crying. Children were scrambling up the stairs. This made me angry as Alan had also said that someone has been throwing rocks at her recently. I brought her inside for a rest.

Kamik likes to be outdoors, doesn't like to be inside for the nights. The nights are mild and she lays upon the snow or takes refuge from the rain in her house. She thinks the children are playing when they throw rocks at her. She didn't think they would kick her.
There were lots of things I didn't do while out but of the things we did; mostly we laughed. My friend and I sharing our secrets, catching up of course and together we rediscovered Montreal.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

just when you don't have a camera

Today while walking the dogs; include 3 puppies, Kamik and Kai, we saw a shifting rainbow.
It arched into the dark rain clouds, and out the far side. As we watched it continuously change we noticed the end of the rainbow.
It came down the side of a hill to a house. The hillside was rainbow lit, most predominately yellow and pink, then amazingly it moved forward to the road and the road was rainbow lit.
The far side gave us a second rainbow they shifted in brightness before disappearing.

Now we know where the rainbows begin.