Wednesday, July 15, 2009

dogs just don't embrace technology like we do....


I don't even know any Lilliputians who could re-affix the salvageable keys.

Friday, July 10, 2009

flowers for Lisa

1. Mt. Avens
2. Diapensia
3. don't know, if you do, tell me!
4. Lapland Rosebay
5. Mt. Avens over Moss Campion

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

you know it's summer when

Long sunny days, summer solstice, ships and tundra blossoms. Summer in the far north presents it's own beauty, nature capitalizing on the long days in such a short season. This is my second summer here, yet I am amazed that no sooner is the snow (mostly) gone the plants are forging up from the thin soils and bogs.
Nuthin says summer like the first freighter into the bay.

Tiny summer blossoms.New puppies!

Riverside meltdowns!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Flag Etiquette

Yup there are rules to flying our flag. Today I have taken the rules from the Govt website. Some seem pretty common sense but here goes!
(should it be noted that the stick is at the bottom ahem...)

1. The National Flag of Canada should not be used as table/seat cover, as a masking for boxes or as a barrier on a dais or platform.- curtains in college dorms?
2. While it is not technically incorrect to use the National Flag of Canada to cover a statue, monument or plaque for an unveiling ceremony, it is not common practice to do so and should be discouraged.
3. Nothing should be pinned to or sewn on the National Flag of Canada.
4. The National Flag of Canada should not be signed or marked in any way (A border could be attached to the outside edge of the Flag on which it would be acceptable to have signatures leaving the Flag itself untouched). er am sure I've seen some signed flags, oh dear!

Who goes first?

Order of Precedence
  1. The National Flag of Canada
  2. The flags of other sovereign nations in alphabetical order (if applicable)-ah that's how they decide eh?
  3. The flags of the provinces of Canada (in the order in which they joined Confederation)-sure, poor Newfoundland/Labrador!
  4. The flags of the territories of Canada (in the order in which they joined Confederation)-uhoh for Nunavut too...dead last!
  5. The flags of municipalities/cities
  6. Banners of organizations
  7. Historical Flags
Since it's been so long since gr 8 history here's a refresher on the confederation dates.

  1. National Flag of Canada
  2. Ontario (1867)
  3. Quebec (1867)
  4. Nova Scotia (1867)
  5. New Brunswick (1867)
  6. Manitoba (1870)
  7. British Columbia (1871)
  8. Prince Edward Island (1873)
  9. Saskatchewan (1905)
  10. Alberta (1905)
  11. Newfoundland (1949)
  12. Northwest Territories (1870)
  13. Yukon (1898)
  14. Nunavut (1999)
There are rules of etiquette for every possible use of the flag; on a car, a boat, projected from a building, draped over a casket, how to fold it, and how to dispose of tattered flags. There are guidelines on the mast, and the red colour dye number is also defined! (The painting colours are Federal Identity Program red No. 509-211 and white: 513-201)