Saturday, October 10, 2009

coming out left handed

Well it's not a true coming out per se; since it is apparent to those who see me work will recognize that I'm a lefty. The coming out is more a coming of age. It is changing the modifications made over a lifetime to "fit in" with the right handed world. From check marks to shoe laces to right only doors. Why don't they unlock the other door? Watches, binders, notebooks, knives, number pad, and my pet peeve....wallets. I no longer use a wallet, instead dumping cards, cash and coins into purse pocket or jacket pocket.

It came up at the lunch table that some of us are left handed (by the way I have noticed a large number of the paramedics are left handed). When the discussion turned to wallets, one person suggested; "is it so hard to turn the wallet around?" UH yes but it is more than just turning it around its not dumping your cards and change all over the checkout. It is snapping/zipping it closed in a non akward manner. Much more.

In a previous job another leftie and I got to talking about working with righties...we're always crashing into them. Then I recalled my sister who is right handed used to shoo me and my daughter and dog if he was in the room out of the kitchen. You see daughter and pup had adapted to my leftie ways and this created chaos when a single rightie came into the space.

Being Left in the kitchen; a spatula, corkscrew, can opener (yeah yeah get electric). The option to arrange cupboards and appliances so the workflow suits my natural tendencies.

Oooh boy a left handed vacuum cleaner...oh my no more getting the hose kinked, the cord tangling, easy access to the tools. But I digress.

For a time I left oriented my work space. Working in a group of 10, being the only leftie I thought they could adapt once in a while. hmmph! What changes did I make; staple on top right corner--yup, of course marginal notes on left of page, pen holders, telephone, mouse settings all modified to make the workspace easier, more comfortable. Sigh it was fine.

Even bought my nephew a lefthanded journal scribbler book. In journaling I start the book at the back and work frontwards. A watch with the dials relocated, a camera with a left sided shutter and a bread knife with a left handed serration would rock my world.

Imagine a world where my mug is facing the left way?
If I could have one left handed wish it would be to custom build a way!