Sunday, May 24, 2009

how to mend a broken heart?

A foster puppy of course!
This pup was being cared for in the Iqaluit Humane Society and we have committed to fostering her for a short while. She was 4.5 wks when we picked her up and by 8 weeks she should be ready to move to her forever home. They had named her Slippers for her white toes. We like the name Kamik better as the markings continue up her front legs and reflects her proud heritage.
She has a great temperament and seems in excellent health. Kamik spends her puppy days in puppy ways, trouncing around after our feet, yeowling for food and crashing exhausted at the end of it all.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

northern spring

At work this week a co worker was griping about the snow that has continued for nearly a week. Off and on, a little snow shower occurs daily. I reminded her this is spring! This is the arctic!
This got me know it's spring in the arctic when (and please feel free to add to the list).
1. the snow buntings and geese return
2. when the dog is off the roof (snow drift steps melt away)
3. there is more daylight than darkness
4. the temperature sans windchill is warmer than -20.
5. the tidal waters seep up on the frozen bay.
6. the pavement appears
7. the potholes appear
8. grading the road doesn't fix the potholes
9. the plow is now used to grade the roads
10. kamiik become impractical in the mud
11. sunglasses a must even on a cloudy day (owie that's bright!)
12 ice crystal replaced with tiny snowflakes
13 the ravens take up their spring dance in the skies.

More ideas of spring things. ... click comments to see what spring means to other northerners!

Friday, May 1, 2009

thank you and good bye

My old fella no longer greets my return. This blog is to remember what a fine animal he was and the wonderful companionship we shared.