Sunday, May 24, 2009

how to mend a broken heart?

A foster puppy of course!
This pup was being cared for in the Iqaluit Humane Society and we have committed to fostering her for a short while. She was 4.5 wks when we picked her up and by 8 weeks she should be ready to move to her forever home. They had named her Slippers for her white toes. We like the name Kamik better as the markings continue up her front legs and reflects her proud heritage.
She has a great temperament and seems in excellent health. Kamik spends her puppy days in puppy ways, trouncing around after our feet, yeowling for food and crashing exhausted at the end of it all.


Kennie said...

Awww ... makes me want to get a puppy too! But I know it wouldn't be fair to the puppy though.. with the long hours at work I put in :-( .. maybe one day ...

bea3855 said...

A puppy always lightens up your life ☀ How cute she is!!!
Hope she will find a good home!
Seems that she is going to be a pretty lady one day...
☀ Sunshine from Germany

Anonymous said...

Oh my God - she's so cute!
I want to squish her and rub her little head!

(we're getting a dog after our July vacation!)

69 ways to mend a broken heart said...

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