Friday, December 26, 2008

One year

New Year's eve marks some anniversaries for me. One year not within in 10 or even 1000 miles of the 400 series highways! YAAAAA! One year of missing my daughter. One great year with Alan.

One year of firsts. So many to consider where does one start? First snow mobile ride on Frobisher Bay. First Toonik Tyme. First time in an iglu! First Celebration of the Seal. First catch on the Sylvie Grinnell River. First taste of seal and muktuk. First joy of cooking my very own arctic char. First arctic hare siting. First boating across the bay. First lick of an iceberg! First taste of arctic wild blueberries. First time ever getting moss on my butt!

New language skills; hearing the language was baffling, after a couple of courses I am able to discern a few spoken words. Though not very capable of answering in same I can manage a few basic phrases.
My daughter is moving here! She has accepted a job which includes housing and some other nice perks. This will be all new to me. Living in town but not together. We have lived together or miles apart. It will definitely be nice to have her over for an evening meal or movies together. Or to help her decorate her new digs (I haven't been able to in the past..)Recently I have considered ending this blog. I figured the first year will be most exciting to blog about. What else would I have to say?
We'll see.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Friday, December 12, 2008

and ...and..YES!

After countless delays and an all nighter, Katie finally made it out today by switching airlines. Original booking; Wednesday!
With so many re bookings on her connector, I am not even sure when she arrives in Toronto tonight.

Deeps sighs of relief all around.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

down but not out!

Northerners recognize this posture. Cancelled.

...and home again?

While my daughter is preparing to leave we decided no trip to Iqaluit is done until we visit the Hudson Bay building in Apex. Once finished there we naturally drop in to see Rannva and find she has beautiful rosette hair ties fashioned from rabbit fur....a fashion must have!
Also, this being her last day we took in the vistas and tourist sites to round out her vacation.

The "other" airline cancelled. Nearly in tears, Katie re booked the flights for tomorrow. Tonight she enjoys the hotel, and three meals gratis and some much needed solitary rest up. We try again tomorrow, hopefully it doesn't come to a scramble for seats on a Friday flight south!

From the top:
The view from Apex
The Hudson's Bay company building.
Katie and Daniel racing on the lake.
How wind chills at -45C really feel.
Alan looking amused.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

to a strange land....

My daughter arrived after some planning, shopping and after announcing to friends she was going to the north pole, flying! First present she brought:
this photo of trees near her work in Ontario. Snow draped on rock isn't nearly as romantic!
Her stay is a short one and she has a busy itinerary!
Next at the museum, the irony of the seal exhibit while donning sealskin kamiik.
Picture of sunsetting around 1:30..dusk!

Katie asked what was happening across the street, I answered school's out! She replied; "what?" "It seems like it's 9:30 at night!" I reminded her that it was out!

The most amusing for me was definately watching her at the grocery store. She wanted peppers for salad, but said not to bother. I asked; "because they are $8.99 for 3?" "Ah YES!" Never mind just grab a decent one!

We celebrate Christmas this weekend, with full turkey-lurkey dinner and fixins'. Plans for the week ahead should be fun and keep us both busy. For sure the short visit will come to an end before we're ready.