Monday, December 31, 2007

New Years eve New Home

Today I have arrived at my very own personal Narnia. My original flight was cancelled which put me one hour later arriving in Montreal. Also the gate in Montreal was not listed, so by miracle and good sense I made my connection. Upon arrival the local temp was -35 and the sun was setting. It was just after 2pm. I keep thinking the clocks are messed up, I hope to adjust soon!

Happily I was greeted by my new boss, and old friend together. Brook assisted me to my temporary home and Alan and I went to get the basics; bread, butter, milk and of course cream for coffee.

I am premature in typing this as we are now making dinner plans, I am starving and hope for a nice relaxing meal. Likely we will walk, yaaaaa no driving for me!

The parka did it's job as the the only frosty place was the frost in my nostrils. I should have changed into my winter silks but decided against it.

I have made myself at home here, and have good news that my housing would possibly be a one bedroom apartment!

The bad news is the pharmacy is now staffed by two new pharmacy techs. The other just arrived on boxing day. Brook and I talked shop for a bit, but there will be time for that on Wednesday. Tonight is celebrating the new year, the new job, the new home and the new start.
See you in the new year.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

getting out

The first and most trying part of the big move is organizing my stuff for the movers, the storage room and the junk guy. Defining what is JUNK, sorting out what is necessary and what is luxury.
Secondly and most stressful was trying to organize Caesars travel itinerary. He's cargo, but he's not really cargo, as First Air reminded me he's not a chair, so he falls inbetween chair and paying rider. We re-unite on Jan.12 if the dog gods co operate with the weather gods and he can complete his journey as planned.

For the junk guy, I filled the garage. This didn't come easy and I constantly reminded myself that stuff is not people. Things my mother or daughter had given me over the years had finally found a place in the junk pile. Sorry ladies. There is a possibility that my housing may be 65 sq M. Yipes, that's about 250 sq feet! Not much room for the unnecessary add-ons. This is a true test of my proclamation : I don't need anything more than a bed and a hotplate. Now just two days before Christmas, the junk is gone, the good stuff is in storage and the bare minimums are waiting on the movers. Last on the list is the sale of the beloved Matrix. She's a good car but I'll be glad to rid her to an appreciative owner. Together we logged over 120K km down that crappy 400, 401 drive in just over 2 yrs! I've logged nearly 800 000km in Katies lifetime. That highway has taken too much from me. BUBYE HIGHWAYS!

The great big sky and ocean view await. The local roads are rough, but for that I am thankful, as it means no pavement nor 10min waits to make a left hand turn hahaha!

Two days rest; Christmas and boxing day, then the movers, the truck and the final leg of my great escape from Central Ontario.
One last trip to the grocery store and liquor store to bring as much as the overage allows, therefore I won't be resorting to eating toast for three meals while I await my first paycheque!

Alan and I have planned to dine together on the 31st and at least have one day holiday before the new job starts, this is an opportunity for me to take some great pics of my new hometown.

See you from up north!