Friday, April 30, 2010

busy times

Things have been rather hectic lately. Alan had surgery and was away returning in time for me to go to Ontario. I took advantage of the business trip to mix in some pleasure; taking in the great weather and catching up with fam and friends.

Having a mild winter brought a mild spring for the motherland and the pictures were taken during my brief visit. Some days were "cold" around 2C other days were "nice" around 16C. Typical Ontario spring weather. We got it all; rain, snow and sun....and a wind reminiscent of Iqaluit!

Trumpeter Swans during mating rituals. My sister got a video of them swimming to one end of their pond then flying back over the water, ensuring their wings hit the water. It makes for an incredible sight and noise!

Red Trillium

Taking the goslings for a swim, they seem to bob on the water like ping pong balls.

Tree Swallow feeding the nest.

Springwater Park takes only injured or orphaned animals. This black bear talked to us...making little bear grunts.

Self Portrait Shadow

Spring trees remind me of paintbrushes, reaching for the sky.