Sunday, March 29, 2009

Signs of spring

During the winter we had noticed this stop sign. Was it implanted in the ditch? Was it buried by snow? Both I guess!
Even though the thermometer reads -13C the sun is so warm that it possible to go about with just a fleece jacket. Today was the first day I opened a window at home. The sun heats up the small front room with the same intensity that the north wind can chill the apartment. This time of year is perfect, bright sunshine, open windows, fresh air, no dust!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

A truly perfect day

Just before lunch Mike called to ask if I would be interested in going out on the bay today. The stats were perfect: Temp - 10C, winds calm, sky clear and sunny. You betcha I said, dashing the alternative of hanging out in my jammies and doing housework.
It was a large group, six machines each with kiddie passengers and one qamutik. Once at the destination, Mike put on the stove to start a pot of tea, he asked "should I use bottled water or snow?" "Snow" I answered, "because we can!"
The kids big and small each took turns climbing the big hill with sliders, some went almost to the very top to start their slide. But since I'm in such unhealthy shape, I only managed to climb about halfway up and then proceeded the fast trip down. Too fast for all the hard work of climbing up! Sure enough the kids climbed up, this time to roll down the hill!
After a tea and a tanning session, it was time to return. We chose not to recross the bay but to come in across the land. Once again, I was in awe of the stark beauty, the big sky, the harshness of the land and the kindness of the sun.
Mike successfully guided us home pointing out the notable landmarks, and trail markers.

The evening had us return to friends to deliver a parcel, upon arriving home, the aurora was dimly lighting the night sky. As we proceeded into the apartment, they grew and grew and this was the first time I've ever had the chance to witness pink aurora borealis.
Twenty minutes later, the sky was black, starry, and quiet again.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Playing Catch-up

Been so long since I've blogged, and after some know who you are.... Finally here we are.
News: dog is recovering thanks to the good advice that we got from family physician. He suffered damage to his ear in a fight, but worse his health has been very poor. Seems he's had an intestinal infection, lost about 15 pounds yet after a couple of days treatment is back to his bossy ole self!
Having recovered from surgery I picked up the camera again and the fine spring weather had me out'n'about again.
After sitting for most of December, all of January and February the machine got buried by the blowing snow and reinforced by the plow, but at last it is time to take her out!
Raven's eye view of Mike and I getting ready to go out to Tarr Inlet for the afternoon with the kids and fam. Usually cartoon like images of me accidentally running him over while he straightens the skis fill my head. He's quick and I'm slow sooooo he is safe.
Paybacks well today my aches remind me it's been too long. Northerners know that spring weather is something that doesn't include a -30+ wind chill. Temperatures around -18 to - 25 C would be included in the springlike ideal. No kidding. Saturday being a sunny, windless -18 made for a perfect day to head out on the bay. By the time we returned so had the wind.