Sunday, March 29, 2009

Signs of spring

During the winter we had noticed this stop sign. Was it implanted in the ditch? Was it buried by snow? Both I guess!
Even though the thermometer reads -13C the sun is so warm that it possible to go about with just a fleece jacket. Today was the first day I opened a window at home. The sun heats up the small front room with the same intensity that the north wind can chill the apartment. This time of year is perfect, bright sunshine, open windows, fresh air, no dust!


Unknown said...

your new header is one of the coolest photos I have seen in a long time. Well done!

bea's blog said...

Hello again....✿
what a pretty new head photo you have! We do have great Spring weather here today, too! ✿
We also enjoy bright sun and have all windows open to let the freshness in! Enjoy your day,
Love from Europe,
Beatrice ✿