Sunday, March 8, 2009

Playing Catch-up

Been so long since I've blogged, and after some know who you are.... Finally here we are.
News: dog is recovering thanks to the good advice that we got from family physician. He suffered damage to his ear in a fight, but worse his health has been very poor. Seems he's had an intestinal infection, lost about 15 pounds yet after a couple of days treatment is back to his bossy ole self!
Having recovered from surgery I picked up the camera again and the fine spring weather had me out'n'about again.
After sitting for most of December, all of January and February the machine got buried by the blowing snow and reinforced by the plow, but at last it is time to take her out!
Raven's eye view of Mike and I getting ready to go out to Tarr Inlet for the afternoon with the kids and fam. Usually cartoon like images of me accidentally running him over while he straightens the skis fill my head. He's quick and I'm slow sooooo he is safe.
Paybacks well today my aches remind me it's been too long. Northerners know that spring weather is something that doesn't include a -30+ wind chill. Temperatures around -18 to - 25 C would be included in the springlike ideal. No kidding. Saturday being a sunny, windless -18 made for a perfect day to head out on the bay. By the time we returned so had the wind.

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Cindy said...

Well, it's about time..... Was wondering what you have been up to. C