Wednesday, May 26, 2010

good bye night sky

snowmobiles making their way home across the bay.

For those of you below the arctic; we now say farewell to the night sky. Today the forecast states the sun sets at 10:11pm and will rise at 02:52am. In reality; it doesn't get dark, dusky yes but starry and moon-y darkness-no.

moon low on the horizon

Most evenings we are rewarded with a view of the moon sliding across our window. We hope to never take it for granted. For many years I would look up in the early morning as my only opportunity to see the night sky on my way to work.

For many years living in Toronto, I was unable to see the stars and moon, it was depressing for me. Now I have the honour of seeing big sky, big moons and. the milky way as the seasons permit. Every time I step outside there is something to surprise me in the sky; aurora borealis, mares tail clouds, mackerel sky, sunsets that linger for hours and, the unbelievable visibility at nearly 50 kilometres.