Sunday, September 28, 2008

Accidental Owl?

My friends have seen them, even have beautiful pictures to prove it. Not me, not yet. I didn't see the blip on the monitor as I was taking this picture across the bay. While editing the photo I figured there was dirt on the lens. There it is, definitely not a dirty lens, not a raven, perhaps an owl or other bird of prey.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Never have seen snowflakes this big! Honestly they were the size of a toonie! As it happens this one on Caesar's head was also heart shaped.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

big moon, low tide

The night has returned and the sealift ship sits in the bay at low tide. From my window we watch the moon sail across the horizon out of view. Last night we couldn't resist the photo op.

The full moon brings the biggest tides. This tide is to be one of the most extreme of the season; the highest high tide and lowest low tide. Another chance for the fish to jump up the falls to winter in the lakes. The ravens have returned, the blossoms gone to seed and the buntings song is silent. The wind has a frosty bite to it and the flags are out straight!

I worry about the old dog, he winces when he climbs the stairs or stands up. I hope he can manage the extreme cold this winter. I guess that autumn has arrived for the dog and the land.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

sale season

This is the sale flyer from Arctic Ventures and I'm told it is the best prices you'll find from either retailer in town.

I really hope that one day these prices do not seem normal or heaven forbid good!

Someone smack me if I call up excited and say hey I just got the best deal on paper towel..only $8.33 a pack!

Monday, September 8, 2008

long shadows and sunny days

Take 'em while they last. That goes for about anything here from toilet paper to warm sunny days to the one-in-a-million type pictures.
Here Kai and Caesar play together after they ran across the hill to each other. Makes me think of daisies swaying in the gentle summer breeze, violins playing, soft filter image..Actually Caesar ran past Kai to Angela and Kai had to pull a 180 to catch up to him....then they played! BAH

Here I have grouped together the fireweed in it's different stages. (I think in a previous post it was mislabelled, oops). From the bottom: the plant blooms, then it makes wizard hats and finally looks like spider legs. Summer must be over now!

Saturday, September 6, 2008


It is harvest season in places south of Nunavut (thanks for the reminder friend!), it is my favourite season. Favourite veggies hit the market: turnip, squash, beets, potatoes and fresh crisp apples, blueberries still have some time. Having lived near the farmers market I would go and pick up a turnip for (get this) fifty cents, a cauliflower for a buck. Ahh the good old days.
Here we have those good root veggies,

but they are priced per pound, as in 4.99 per pound!
I finally shopped with a shopping cart last week and used my points card! No longer in denial, I did the northern thing which is get what you want, don't wince and sign.
The big deal is the toilet paper that which cost 29.99. The dog food which costs $89 or the milk at 8 bucks.
Northern creed: at least it's on the shelf. No fun going to get a salad and have to wait three days for it to show up. So we take what's there and enjoy the bounty.