Sunday, September 14, 2008

big moon, low tide

The night has returned and the sealift ship sits in the bay at low tide. From my window we watch the moon sail across the horizon out of view. Last night we couldn't resist the photo op.

The full moon brings the biggest tides. This tide is to be one of the most extreme of the season; the highest high tide and lowest low tide. Another chance for the fish to jump up the falls to winter in the lakes. The ravens have returned, the blossoms gone to seed and the buntings song is silent. The wind has a frosty bite to it and the flags are out straight!

I worry about the old dog, he winces when he climbs the stairs or stands up. I hope he can manage the extreme cold this winter. I guess that autumn has arrived for the dog and the land.


Matthew and Michele said...

Very nice photo!

Anonymous said...

"sigh"......what a relaxing commentary...I think I'll sit for a minute now and drink it in !!


bea3855 said...

Great photo!
Enjoy your day!
Will be off to Berlin soon and look forward to it... :))
European Greetings

bea3855 said...

Hello to a Sunday Morning!
Right back from Berlin I hope that your old dog is still fine....?
So sad when they get older and weak. I lost my old last year what was heartbreaking!
Enjoy your weekend,
Love from Europe