Saturday, September 6, 2008


It is harvest season in places south of Nunavut (thanks for the reminder friend!), it is my favourite season. Favourite veggies hit the market: turnip, squash, beets, potatoes and fresh crisp apples, blueberries still have some time. Having lived near the farmers market I would go and pick up a turnip for (get this) fifty cents, a cauliflower for a buck. Ahh the good old days.
Here we have those good root veggies,

but they are priced per pound, as in 4.99 per pound!
I finally shopped with a shopping cart last week and used my points card! No longer in denial, I did the northern thing which is get what you want, don't wince and sign.
The big deal is the toilet paper that which cost 29.99. The dog food which costs $89 or the milk at 8 bucks.
Northern creed: at least it's on the shelf. No fun going to get a salad and have to wait three days for it to show up. So we take what's there and enjoy the bounty.


bea's blog said...

Hello again...
beautiful new pix you show us here - just lovely!!
Have a super Sunday,
European Greetings,

Anonymous said...

I miss your dog! Always happy when I see a shot of him. He seemed to have adapted well.