Monday, September 8, 2008

long shadows and sunny days

Take 'em while they last. That goes for about anything here from toilet paper to warm sunny days to the one-in-a-million type pictures.
Here Kai and Caesar play together after they ran across the hill to each other. Makes me think of daisies swaying in the gentle summer breeze, violins playing, soft filter image..Actually Caesar ran past Kai to Angela and Kai had to pull a 180 to catch up to him....then they played! BAH

Here I have grouped together the fireweed in it's different stages. (I think in a previous post it was mislabelled, oops). From the bottom: the plant blooms, then it makes wizard hats and finally looks like spider legs. Summer must be over now!

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bea3855 said...

Was just rolling down your blog!
Great photos are these, too.
Your dogs seem to enjoy their lives!
We have an off day here, what is perfect relaxing....welcome back to!
Have some new pix out again...
from Europe