Friday, August 29, 2008

it's over

Fishing that is...for now. *sigh* I dragged home my fishing gear to stow for the upcoming winter. Alan asked, "is that it for the season?" Yes, the fish have gone to the lakes upriver early.
A sad finale to the season as the authorities shovelled over 200 dead fish off the shores into a pickup destined to the dump. They had been jigged out, badly damaged, discarded and left to rot! ( jigging or snagging uses a very large hook which can grab the fish alongside and snags the body leaving bad tears and cuts on the fish) nunatsiaq news on char
Now our thoughts turn to ice fishing, snowmobiling, but even that is a long way off. It may be cold and maybe an early winter, but usually it's late December before there is enough snow to cover the rocks.
This weekend everyone gets ready to return to school, and the signs are all around that the warm season is over. There was a definite chill in the air today, the wind howling down at 60km/h bringing ice floes into shore again. The wind chill isn't posted unless the standing temperature is below -40C but I'm tellin ya there's a wind chill today!

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Matthew and Michele said...

Michele and I are excited about ice fishing this winter because we finally purchased a snow machine.

Michele is also addicted to Pitchie.