Sunday, August 24, 2008

dog days and heydays

Having grown up in a small town which grew to a decent sized city, I guess I had forgotten what living in a small town entails. Grocery shopping or dining out means you see the governmental brass, the friends from work and acquaintances. Things are done differently in a small town.
Yesterday while walking downtown to meet up friends for coffee, a wedding party passed by. Now having seen countless children and or dogs riding along in the space of the pick up truck box, the surprise of such a sight no longer shocks me. However on this fine sunny day the wedding party passed by with the bride and groom riding along in the box, horns-a-tootin followed by the wedding train (of one). Now I had never expected to see a well dressed couple in fine white wedding clothes pass by on the dusty road waving from the back of a pick up! Is it just me?

Fishing news: the season draws to a close for us. The fish are no longer feeding as they prepare to leap up the falls for the coming winter in the lakes. How frustrating, yet fascinating to see them jumping and leaping by the hundreds at the mouth of the river. Catching one with a lure is next to impossible...the irony is they're so plentiful and none of 'em biting!

Dog news: Caesar and Fidel are still at it. Each trying to prove his right to dominate the other. Old dog Caesar engages in the scrap and then suffers his arthritis for the balance of the night. Politely declining doesn't occur to him. Fidel, a young healthy dog is sure to displace the ole boy sooner or later and with each attempt manages to gain a little on Caesar. I guess dogs don't subscribe to the wisdom in ageing with grace.
Puppy Aputi (translates to snow) has been recovered having been stolen a couple of weeks ago. She's a hoot as she howls when she sees her friends and enthusiastically greets each one.


Jennith said...

Well, I can imagine the dusty road part better now.... I'll let you know if I see bride's and groom's hanging out in the back of a truck. Its actually quite fun. When I planted trees we used to all pile into the box for a lift up to where ever we were planting that the bus couldn't go.... :)

Anonymous said...

There could be a new hobby here for you Shelley !
If you don't want to be recognized by anyone, you could start wearing disguises!
Imagine the adventures you could go on! The sky's the limit baby!!
Think about it...hmmm......
Why, just the other day I.....never mind!