Saturday, August 9, 2008

sunny days

Apparently last summer was rain, rain and more rain. This summer, my first here has been glorious; with long sunny days, cool temperature, enough breeze to keep you cool. It is difficult to explain, when the sun shines it is warm if cloud should cover the sun it is cold. The air is always cool. So when the sun is shining it is hot, the breeze refreshing! The temperature today was recorded at 11C but we really didn't need our jackets.

Iris, Angela and I walked for about four hours today looking for the late bloomers. We missed the blooming of the cuckoo flower and the water buttercup. Maybe next year!

We did see an arctic hare! She sat in the sun no more than 10 feet away (2m) dressed in gray with white trim around her ears! My camera battery was dead!

She bounded off into the distance much to our delight. Caesar only noticed her when she was safely beyond capture, he gave a brief "token" chase.

We did get a tan and a great day out of the four walls. The dogs enjoyed every minute. Caesar got Kai to play and they chased each other over the tundra!
Now those of you who know Caesar will be as surprised as I was to find him wading in the tidal pools and river runoffs! He dug his nose through the water and threw his head back to wet his back. (now it must have been hot for that!)

Below is a tiny mushroom.

The rack of drying char is called pitsik (pit see) and this is a traditional way or preparing char.

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Jennith said...

It looks and sounds like a wonderful day... it was a hiking day here, but I'm not sure how I'm going to get my hiking boots dry in time to leave... they are thoroughly drenched. The mushroom shot is wonderful:D