Monday, August 4, 2008

by the sea

Finally the voyage around the bay and out to Qaummaarviit Provincial Park. The Thule people kept sod houses. Pictured here is a sod dug out which is leftover from these people, carbon dated to 1000 years ago. The homes were structured similar to the iglu using bowhead whale rib bones to define the structure.
Also our guide was very knowledgeable about the way of life and was able to show us different food storage areas and grave sites. I won't say too much as it was well worth the price paid and maybe you'll take the trip!
Pictured above is Virgil, he is armed in the event a bear should appear. Virgil worked on the boat with his uncle.

The sealift vessel, which brings us our groceries, furniture, vehicles and anything else you can think of from mainland cities. This ship arrived from Montreal.

Below stranded on an island at high tide these three floes will probably stick around until high tide and westerly winds can dislodge them. In other words they are stuck here as we rarely get a west wind.

We did manage to see some wildlife out at the mouth of the bay, different seals resting or bobbing along. It's a double edge sword to spot a Beluga. Once spotted it doesn't stand much of a chance of escaping the hunters.

I couldn't resist these late Mountain Avens. This is their mid summer stage and as the summer progresses they unravel. The Inuit use this plant to tell the season by their state of unfurling.
Besides they look like a row of wizards hats!


bea3855 said...

Hei from Europe!
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enjoyed your pix once again....