Monday, August 11, 2008

mo fishin'

Yesterday like most days Mike and I went fishing on our lunch. You've heard it many times, the one that got away! Well darn it, the big mamma broke my 12lb test line and ran away with my lure! Not before giving a big splash and roll and then !ping! goes my line.

It was a great day for Mike as he reeled in a beautiful fish; big, belly full of shrimp, spawning colours starting to show.
I did hook a keeper and it was too big for the pan. Shucks. No matter it was enjoyed by Alan and I for dinner the fish head to the puppy downstairs, nothing wasted.

Today Mike said he saw a big char cruise by with a lure still in place...we wonder...

Finally today I caught a spunky one, pulling the line, leaping out of the river. She's a beaut pictured here and in the freezer for sushi later!

p.s Caesar contained himself but was quivering with the smell of the fresh char. He got a tasty treat after I finished cleaning the gut.


Brett said...

Love the look on the dogs face.

bea3855 said...

Hei again...
how lucky you are that you can go for fish every day.
I know this from when we are in Norway. Here in Germany it is we have to buy it on the market or in shops.
My dogs always loved fish as well!
Pouring with rain here right now; it started when I just arrived back home with the dog. I am glad that temps are cooler here again, around +20°C.
Have a lovely weekend!