Sunday, August 17, 2008

lady's tools

Taaadaaa! Finally the owner of an ulu. The handle on this one has grooves to accommodate a woman's fingers and the pink caribou bone handle makes it the perfect knife.
(The pink tint comes from the blood supply to the antler.)
This one came with the caribou bone stand. Rummaging through the knife drawer would be very dangerous!

In other news.......we came across some German tourists who needed a lift. Alan offered them a ride to their lodging and we sat chatting for some time. Hans and Elvira have already toured Canada's east coast and this trip decided to do Eastern Canada, touring Quebec, Ontario and Nunavut. As always I am astounded at the energetic German tourist. Hans and Elvira were well educated about Canadian politics, social issues and geography. They kindly answered our questions about the social issues that they face at home, in politics and in health care too. They asked if Iqaluit provided a good living, if life here was good for us. We each had our own answers and it was a pleasure to exchange our viewpoints. They were continuing their tour by ship to Resolute before returning home. Happy travels Hans and Elvira!


Anonymous said...

Ew! An ulu!
I want one!
What specific function does it have?
Tell me more- tell me more!!!


bea3855 said...

....I envy you for this ulu!
I want one, too!!!
Saw that you listed me! Thanx!!!
Though I use my blog as my mainblog now!!!
European Greetings,