Monday, December 31, 2007

New Years eve New Home

Today I have arrived at my very own personal Narnia. My original flight was cancelled which put me one hour later arriving in Montreal. Also the gate in Montreal was not listed, so by miracle and good sense I made my connection. Upon arrival the local temp was -35 and the sun was setting. It was just after 2pm. I keep thinking the clocks are messed up, I hope to adjust soon!

Happily I was greeted by my new boss, and old friend together. Brook assisted me to my temporary home and Alan and I went to get the basics; bread, butter, milk and of course cream for coffee.

I am premature in typing this as we are now making dinner plans, I am starving and hope for a nice relaxing meal. Likely we will walk, yaaaaa no driving for me!

The parka did it's job as the the only frosty place was the frost in my nostrils. I should have changed into my winter silks but decided against it.

I have made myself at home here, and have good news that my housing would possibly be a one bedroom apartment!

The bad news is the pharmacy is now staffed by two new pharmacy techs. The other just arrived on boxing day. Brook and I talked shop for a bit, but there will be time for that on Wednesday. Tonight is celebrating the new year, the new job, the new home and the new start.
See you in the new year.


Anonymous said...

Nice pics Shell. Your face looks a wee bit nipped though. Put on a picture of one those giant dogs will ya? preferably balled up in the snow (hahaha).

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Shelley! Glad to see you arrived safely-let the adventure begin. All the best, Wendy