Wednesday, December 10, 2008

...and home again?

While my daughter is preparing to leave we decided no trip to Iqaluit is done until we visit the Hudson Bay building in Apex. Once finished there we naturally drop in to see Rannva and find she has beautiful rosette hair ties fashioned from rabbit fur....a fashion must have!
Also, this being her last day we took in the vistas and tourist sites to round out her vacation.

The "other" airline cancelled. Nearly in tears, Katie re booked the flights for tomorrow. Tonight she enjoys the hotel, and three meals gratis and some much needed solitary rest up. We try again tomorrow, hopefully it doesn't come to a scramble for seats on a Friday flight south!

From the top:
The view from Apex
The Hudson's Bay company building.
Katie and Daniel racing on the lake.
How wind chills at -45C really feel.
Alan looking amused.

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PĂ© - Le monde en image said...

Nice picture, too bad I didn't see the little family before your daughter went back. I have seen Alan with a better smile than that, hihihi !!

For the flight cancelation, join my club for Iqaluit, I have 4 out of four, 3 blizzards and one foggy day !! See you !! In 5 years in Europe, I took plane twice a week and I didn't have cancelation !!