Saturday, December 6, 2008

to a strange land....

My daughter arrived after some planning, shopping and after announcing to friends she was going to the north pole, flying! First present she brought:
this photo of trees near her work in Ontario. Snow draped on rock isn't nearly as romantic!
Her stay is a short one and she has a busy itinerary!
Next at the museum, the irony of the seal exhibit while donning sealskin kamiik.
Picture of sunsetting around 1:30..dusk!

Katie asked what was happening across the street, I answered school's out! She replied; "what?" "It seems like it's 9:30 at night!" I reminded her that it was out!

The most amusing for me was definately watching her at the grocery store. She wanted peppers for salad, but said not to bother. I asked; "because they are $8.99 for 3?" "Ah YES!" Never mind just grab a decent one!

We celebrate Christmas this weekend, with full turkey-lurkey dinner and fixins'. Plans for the week ahead should be fun and keep us both busy. For sure the short visit will come to an end before we're ready.


Anonymous said...

Hi Shelley
Yes we are out here in cyberland checking you out. How is the no smoking going? Figured it out yet? -I am celebrating the completion of my Masters.... enough hints...

Shelley said...

Hey MK! Good to hear from you and a big congratulations on the Masters! S

bea3855 said...

Hei, what a beautiful daughter you have! She looks also very happy...suppose you had a great time!
Love from Europe
(nasty and cool here with icerain)