Wednesday, November 26, 2008

lights in the night

It doesn't occur to me that all my equipment is going to get extremely cold, extremely fast when the temperatures are -25C --doh!
So, with frozen fingers I tried to capture the Aurora Borealis. This is what I came away with. Kamiik didn't disappoint either as my toes stayed toasty warm!


bea3855 said...

Hei Shelley,
I envy you for those!
Have never seen them live yet.
It must be beautiful!?
The pix are super!!!
Enjoy your weekend - have to be off selling on Xmas Market now!
European Greetings

Matthew and Michele said...

I'm jelous. The weather has been bad enough here that we haven't seen a clear sky for two months. Michele keeps telling me the clear skies will come again.