Sunday, November 16, 2008


Hello Western friends!
For Matt, Kara and Hunter! I'm very pleased and proud to own this pair. (Today I added an insulated insole which helps get my feet off the snow).

For those who may be interested the boots are constructed of sealskin.
Sealskin can be factory tanned or prepared in a traditional way. The woman scrapes the hide, stretch it on a rack which dries it, cut and hand sew into the required garment.
Bearded seal (which is very thick) constructs the sole and foot of the boot, ring seal is used on the upper leg. The white upper is also made from the bearded seal only it has been picked clean of the black top surface. This pattern is typical of a women's design in rounds. Men's on the other hand generally have a long contrasting piece down the front (at least in this corner of the north). Kamik can be made from caribou, though not as tough they are also very beautiful. Either way the sole is always bearded seal.
The duffel liner is crafted from felted wool, hand sewn into the shape of the boot and is removable. The decoration on the top is also hand stitched with a woollen yarn.

I was showing Alan the inside of the boots when he noted that there is an inner slipper. Completely surprised by this I removed the slipper to have a look! Wow! It's more boot than I ever imagined.


jen said...

Wow! They are gorgeous!

indigo said...

Beautiful. I am curious what the price in Iqaluit was for those kamiks??

Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

Amazing! Now I am really jealous :)

bea3855 said...

~ ♥ ~
Oh, I envy you for those ~ hey are beautiful.
Just had my first video out of the pups playing. It works, what I wasn't sure of. So you can see it in my blog now...welcome again!
~ ♥ ~
Beatrice from Europe

Jennith said...

Ooooh! Very beautiful. I'd be afraid to wear them outside because they are so nice.... they are a work of art. :D

Elaine said...

Shelley - Those boots are really amazing. I agree with the comment that they are indeed a work of art. So email what the price was.
I have to say - I have not visited you blog in a while - you are amazing for educating us on the weather conditions, to firearm use, to how your Kamiik are made. I think school kids in the rest of Canada - especially the banana belt of Toronto should visit your blog as part of their curriculum.
You should win an award!
- Elaine

Godzilla said...

I would appreciate knowing how to contact someone who can fabricate a pair of these for me.. my email addy is Any assistance in this regard would be greatly appreciated..