Friday, December 12, 2008

and ...and..YES!

After countless delays and an all nighter, Katie finally made it out today by switching airlines. Original booking; Wednesday!
With so many re bookings on her connector, I am not even sure when she arrives in Toronto tonight.

Deeps sighs of relief all around.


bea's blog said...

Wow what a drama!
I remember such mess when I was taking planes like busses back in the 90ties. I once stuck in NYC and on Iceland....ugh!
Hope your daughter was finally save home?
Our snow is gone here - what a pity! It would be nice to have some back for Christmas; instead we probably get icerain again....
at least it snows on my blog - have a look; it's lovely...!!
Beatrice from Europe

Anonymous said...

Hi Shelley,

me again! I'm just wondering what Nunavut's health care is like?

I live in Ontario, and I figure OHIP covers almost everything.

Is there a similar health plan in Nunavut, or are we basically on our own?

I can't seem to find any information on this topic.

~Ryan, the lurker

Shelley said...

Hey Ryan The health care is fine here. Once here as a resident for 3 months your ON healthcare is void. (you can continue to use it until your new card arrives)
You apply for a NU healthcare card. As in ON your healthcare card covers the basics including eye exams. There is no copay here for the healthcare like in ON. Most needs can be met here in hospital in Iqaluit. Often ppl from the settlements are flown here for treatment. Specialty clinics at the hospital address specific needs eg. Eye clinic, or GI clinic etc. Sometimes difficult or complicated health issues are referred to centres in Ottawa through a co operative agreement.
There are doctors.
There is an outpatient clinic.
There is no dental hygenist.
There is a dentist.
There is an optical shop.
There are 2 pharmacies in town.
There is no veterinarian.
There is no chiropractor.
There is a masseuse.(she also performs other alt. therapies)
There are places to get hair cuts.
When do you arrive?

Anonymous said...

Good stuff.

That's what I figured--Iqaluit isn't as backwater as my friends and family suggest it might be.

I should be arriving around January 6th. That's assuming, of course, that First Air decides to fly us there.

Based on your previous posts, I'm preparing to be stuck in Ottawa for a week before the First Air part of my flight leaves.

Thanks for all the help Shelley!