Thursday, June 30, 2011


Never far apart.


It happened unexpectedly, driving around we spotted a pair of Tundra Swans in a shallow lake near Iqaluit! We haven't spotted any cygnets but this pair do their thing without much notice of the admirers stopping for a gander (bad joke).

Me, mosquitoes and the swans hung out for nearly two hours!

Another bird happened by, singing his song. The Lapland Larkspur briefly stopped on a nearby rock long enough for a portrait then departed singing his cheery song; the only sound on the tundra.

The fishing is off to a later start around here this summer, Heavy ice lines the rocky shores and unlike last year, doesn't look safe at all, cracks along the edges and of course it's slippery too.

It's tundra garden season too, and as usual, have been trying to do something new with the local flora pics, those at a later date!


Melodie said...

I really like Tundra swans! I especially love seeing them when they migrate north from down here. It makes me feel so good to see birds that migrate NORTH instead of south.

By the way, the presentation of your blog is really nice. :)

Shelley said...

We went back to visit them and they have left the area, we were lucky I guess.
Thanks for your kind words!