Thursday, February 14, 2008

Mid February

In the past I have despised February, it is the non month. Mainly it prolongs the wet nasty winters of Ontario. Of all the months to add an extra day, who decided February was a good idea (had to be those Romans)! Sheesh why not prolong July?
This is my first February in Nunavut, I must admit, I am liking it! The sun shines longer, the dawns are spectacular and the air so clear that I only imagine how many miles my eyes can see!
I stepped out early to take Caesar for his morning constitutional, and when I opened the door, the sunrise over the bay took my breath away!
That lil ole groundhog can predict as much winter as he wants to, today I don't mind the idea of more February days. Even one extra day here won't seem as tedious as the sloppy, cold, dangerous conditions of Ontario. Thanks Nunavut for the fresh look at tired old February!

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Unknown said...

Careful there. This non month vapourizes quickly and pretty darn soon it is June and time to go back south! Sounds more like cabin fever than anything else!