Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Since I haven't posted anything in a while it is with some small explanation; I was sick. Yup. Tummy flu, return of the almighty ulcer or something a lot like it. No great photo ops there thats for sure! The coma I was in, kept me in the apartment missing out on some of the most beautiful days. Alas I return to work, to the big world around me, much better and feeling rested!

Poor Caesar, he just doesn't understand that kicking up the snow in celebration, ceremony will every time, make his feet too cold to go on. He stands stiff legged, no safe place for chilly paws. Too afraid to move. With some encouragement the ole fella moves on to the hard packed surface. Much easier to take in bare feet.

...there will be grassy frolics again

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your kid said...

I miss my puppy...sniff, sniff!