Sunday, March 2, 2008

Over hill and rock....

This is a photo essay of my walk to work. The walk is mostly uphill and takes me about 15 minutes (I`m a slow walker). Starting with the view from home,the first corner, then the dog that barks at me every day. Actually I know if I`m early the dog isn`t in place for the day yet!
The final pictures shows workplace on the right and down the hill toward the town centre. It`s easy to see the topography, the arctic isn`t flat after all!
Most days are beautiful, cold and clear you can see for miles, the only limitation is your vision or camera lens!
In other news Caesar has been sick for a week, poor fella dropping weight by the day. He can barely keep water and tablespoon of rice in his belly. We also discovered he doesn`t like Pepto Bismal either and often has bright pink lips! He seems to be slowly on the mend. I just got him back to his healthy weight after the stress of the move; he was a mere shadow of former self. The good news is there is a vet around town!

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