Monday, March 17, 2008


Qilak translation heaven. This is my Shangra La. Even though the social problems of the community are evident enough they do no taint my love of the landscape, big clear blue sky, brilliant sun and the inescapable feeling that there...over there across the land (tauvani, nunakkut) is forever away.

On Saturday I had my big chance to use my newly acquired however minimal Inuktitut. A visitor from Kimmirut assumed I was Inuk and started chatting with me. Completely lost, all I could stammer is; "I'm sorry..." He looked at me and asked " You Inuk?" No I replied. Hey, had I been on the ball I would have been able (really) to say qallunaangujunga". Literally translated to white I am. No confusion except maybe my bad vocalization of the ng sound that stumps all of us qallunaaq! The out of towner didn't mind and gave me a big smile anyway.

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