Wednesday, March 26, 2008

spring blossoms

The hyacinth showed it's beauty in full yesterday, aroma filling the air. It's a sweet reminder of the coming spring. Though this will be my first arctic spring and I don't expect crocus and hyacinth to be greeting the mornings, I look forward to the changing landscape the bay which is forever on a clear day will turn to water briefly before the frost returns.

I look forward to the growing season that is offered by the local garden club. The season will be short but intense.

Woot woot! I walked all the way home without my wind pants! Yah! that really is a milestone since the current temp was a balmy -11 with some wind chill posted. Maybe, just maybe my legs were a wee bit numb.....I'll never admit it!

I was outside at lunch today and came in remarking to a co worker that I would love to be sitting in my beach chair suntanning. It was mahvelous outside; all sun, no wind!
Only while I speak these words does it hit me that in reality it is -16C, in the arctic, snow everywhere! Suntanning? Now? Guess you'd have to be a northerner to understand!

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Anonymous said...

Fabulous flower! My hyacinths are still buried under 3 feet of snow!