Wednesday, March 12, 2008

where oh where is my stuff?

Where most Canadians pay their 52 cents plus tax they would expect to get prompt delivery of a letter. Arctic Canadians pay their 52 cents plus tax and can expect delivery of a letter to take a donkeys age. I'm not dumping on the hard working guys and gals in our post office, they do the best they can. What has me puzzled is how something posted in central Ontario can make it to Montreal in TWO days and sit there for SIX (and counting..)! The postage rate is not discounted, just the service. Tracking a parcel is an exercise in frustration since the results return the same day after day. For sure I didn't expect the once proud postal delivery to become such a sagging victim of it's own corporate weight. Where's my stuff?

Also, my sympathy to the northern bloggers who don't live in a central location, dear heavens what you must go through trying to get a new pair of socks (or cappuccino machine?!)

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