Saturday, March 8, 2008

aaaah shopping

Today was the much anticipated celebration of International Women's day with a craft SALE!
I had a call back to work, and then hurried self across the street to the sale. Crazy turnout, you could hardly move in the aisles. Finally I found my way to a table with some beautiful hand made mitts and knew they were just right for me. The fit is perfect! The mitts are hand sewn from seal with a blue fox trim. I won't apologize for the animal hide as the money supports the women's shelter and the skill provides income for women. Also in the picture is a wee pair of kamiik. They can be used as a zipper pull or perhaps on a keychain. I will send them to a loved one. The kamiik are a beautiful miniature of the real thing, hand beaded to complete the detailing.
The shopping has satisfied my urge to get to a mall ...for now anyway! Am proud owner of hand to hand skilled tradition.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful mitts! Add another pair of Kamik ... and Charlie would have new booties! :)

Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

Very nice mitts!