Sunday, March 2, 2008

so many things to buy.

I don`t feel bad spending eighty dollars on this ring since a weeks groceries can cost over one hundred! How could I resist, it`s shiny after all! Hand made with gold and sterling.

After being too sick to eat for two days, Caesar decides one night when opportunity presented itself that it was a good day to challenge neighbours dog for top dog status! My worst fears coming true; we are on those comes up, Caesar goes down, Shelley lets go of leash! Self preservation first, dogs will deal with each other. By the time the good neighbour and I got the dogs sorted out, his pet had leash around his leg, and my dog has two toes caught in stairs, they are both making the most unearthly screams! I`m freaked out about Caesars two toes, so the neighbour kindly got his toes out of metal stair without breaking a toenail! Of course even though he`s in pain, and snagged on step, he is still trying settle the dispute! The neighbour and I both agreed that they will have to settle it one way or another. Caesar is bigger but old, dog is fluffy and young. Both are scrappy !
Huffing in so much cold air and struggling with two large dogs left me exhausted and in pain. Caesar and dog didn't seem much worse for it and both were eager to get on with the rest of their night. Funny thing is I went out with dog to get picture of Aurora Borealis right over head... by the time I got to my feet, it had moved so far over the bay it was too far for my lil cam to capture! There will be other nights for that too!

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Elaine said...

I like the ring!
You're right about the beautiful February skies gorgeous. We are expecting another snow storm tomorrow here in Toronto.

- Elaine