Sunday, August 23, 2009

the real big boys came to town



Kamik playing catch-up

The small capital was inundated with a military presence. Is this the future the PMO has in mind for the beautiful arctic?

I still get a thrill watching the F18s roar overhead but best of all is watching them leave the tarmac and in a heartbeat are so far into the sky it seems to defy logic.

From my seaside balcony we had a great view of the airshow on this cloudy day. This time they departed for quite a long while, I wondered if they flew to Arctic Bay and back in the 40 or so minutes they were gone. At top speed they cross the Atlantic in about 3 hrs, can make the trip from Quebec to Newfoundland in well under an hour.

(The images are a little blurry due to the extreme zoom used to capture the vehicles.)

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bea's blog said...

Ugh, this doesn't look nice - we sometimes have them flying around here, too. Germany is such a small country, so the airbases are never really far....though recently it was not that many airvehicles around!
At least your puppy seems to enjoy life! Have you seen our new dogblog:
I may have asked before...I am not sure...!
Anyway, have a nice Thursday