Saturday, August 29, 2009

'tis the season

The red plumage of the ground plants is a sure sign of autumn. The leaves start turning in late July, but I remain in denial until the tempertures convince me that it is true.
It was a fine Saturday afternoon to go see if the hills are ready to give up their fruit. Yup they are, and so the three of us went a picking. Kamik was a good puppy not running off with strangers (as she has done) instead she caught on quickly to berry picking. In using good sense she didn't raid the basket but stole the berries out from the patch. Happily she nibbled the berries while we picked. Frequently we sent her to find her own patch of berries to enjoy. She has yet to figure out how to drop them into the basket.

Katie and Kamik picking berries.

The hills offer a beautiful view and an opportunity to race.

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bea's blog said...

Hei Shelley,
we also went blueberry picking again today! They are almost thru here, but I still found some nice and tasty. It is indeed funny how quick the dogs take it up to pick berries and enjoy them...see in our new blog how they all loved it, though we couldn't convince none of the doggies to pick them and put them into our baskets... :))
The chestnuts are starting to fall, too, only a few yet, but some more every day now! Leaves start also to change colour; now comes my fave time of the year.