Thursday, November 26, 2009


To my long suffering readers, I apologize for my absence. A medical emergency took me to Ottawa at the end of October. I return nearly one month later with numerous bruised injection sites which make me look like a junkie, but it was for a good cause, I guess.
Although I have worked in hospitals my entire life, this was my first real hospital admission I have come to these conclusions; the food isn't very good (one eats it to avoid death), the bed and pillow are plastic which makes you sweat (eew), hospital pants are hard to come by and you can't really poke the snoring roommate.

Should I decide to shop, I was quickly reminded of the Christmas fervor that was exploding and could barely tolerate more than an hour in the mall. Never much of a mall person, or a shopper and with the added discomfort of recent surgery the experience was exhausting. Plus a girl can transport only so much stuff right?

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When I left Iqaluit, there was little snow remaining from the Sept. snow storm, upon my return it is full winter complete with Iqaluit winds and stunning white vistas. How I missed my beautiful view. Rain and fog was the climate in Ottawa, dreary, bone chilling dampness.

On first look it's apparent that Kamik is now very fluffy which makes her look quite stocky and sturdy. Tail a-wagging, she greeted me with her standard excitement. I brought home a new type of harness which is supposed to limit or stop this endless bounding around at the end of the leash. She is very good off leash but would prefer her on leash to walk the roads over the winter. Once I'm back on my pins we'll give 'er a try.

getting some puppy love............

Before moving on there is a small update; October 2009 my disgusting carpeting was replaced. The workers re floored the entire apt and repaired the sub flooring too. Am pleased with the workmanship and the expedience once the job started. Next project; build the new bed!


hjmler said...

good to see you back... missed your posts

Lisa said...

That's a damn sexy top you're wearing! I miss you woman!