Saturday, December 5, 2009

Winter Fur

Now with the shortening days and lengthening nights, there is little opportunity to get good pic, especially if you value your fingers. Before walking the dog, and wanting to take advantage of the low winds and the waning sunlight I went in search of a nice image.

Kamiik are slippery boots, having a bearded seal skin or a ujjuk sole and being a klutz to begin with, I didn't venture far down the hill and spent time on hands and knees with camera. Thankfully my fingers, knees and camera did manage to co operate to get a couple of frosty pictures.

Kamik the dog (so named because when she was tiny she looked like she was wearing kamiik) waited patiently for me to return. The new harness does work well in stopping her from taking me sliding across the road, but she's a jumper! No help there from the harness.

The wait finally over; it's time for walkies.

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