Saturday, January 9, 2010

and then the sun came back

After days of mild temperatures; our December was milder here than other places in Canada, finally the cold returned.

The mild weather seemed stuck in some kind of eerie movie scene; days of icy mist, the horizon hidden by a fine freezing drizzle, the sun behind gray curtains. Everything including cars, buildings, and the ground was solidly covered by thick ice and a frosty topcoat. Raven and dog were not immune; raven had a frosty head and dog frosty back.

One morning I lay in bed thinking how comforting this noise is, how familiar it was in fact the power lines humming under a coat of ice.

Eventually the cycle broke, the sun returned from behind the fog and revealed the hard, windblown landscape.

Ending the old year we had a special treat; a blue moon. Some (we won't mention who) were surprised to find it was a regularly coloured moon, not blue at all.

blue moon before dawn (around 0830h)

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