Sunday, January 17, 2010

with the sun came wind

It's very difficult to take pictures with mitts on, so I struggle-- take mitts off and freeze my fingers or clumsily try to press the shutter with mitts on. Today; mitts on won. (Temp -30/windchill -43.)

Alan had remarked to me that he could hear a jet behind us, when I looked up, it was in front....wrong there were two jets streaming across the cloudless sky. Alan took this picture before the jet streams broke up and leaving a trail of dots on the sky.

The recent strong winds have filled in and buried Nanuq's house. She finds shelter under the steps.
Underestimating the depth of the snowdrift, the truck got stuck half way into it. The drift blocking the driveway is not enormous, it is about 2 feet deep but fooled us into going forward.

Nanuq and Kamik playing nicely. At first sassy Kamik tried to dominate the much bigger Nanuq by mounting her; this went poorly for Kamik. It now seems they've come to an agreement about who's who.Frosty face and icy nose.

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