Saturday, March 20, 2010

doodling and stumbling

My Frobisher Bay

One evening a friend installed Stumble on my computer. Life changed that night. Simultaneously I curse and thank him. While it takes me to interesting places, it also takes me late into the night. With Alan still away recovering from his surgery, I clearly have too much time on my hands.I stumbled upon a creative website and before I knew it the clock was hinting bedtime. It was 3am.
While not earth shatteringly beautiful; here are a couple of my doodles.Right Red Bird

The fact is I'm left handed. Equally comfortable using the mouse with righty or lefty generally I use the mouse with my right hand and this is mouse work.
Not too bad for wrong handed painting.

Circles through space

I've spared the patient reader from the truly terrible attempts and take times like this to enjoy a little anonymity.

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Lisa said...

Frobisher Bay calls to me somehow! Beautifully executed Shelley!