Sunday, March 28, 2010

sun wind and snow

From tiny snow drift (below) to large masterpieces; all winter I marvel at the beauty of the snowdrift. Pristine white, glistening yet dangerously deceiving to the eye.

As northerners know, flat light is the worst; leading to snow-blindness, disorientation and increasing the risk of getting stuck. Even walking can be dicey trying to navigate the invisi-drifts.

Last week, thrilled that I had found a shortcut, I mean it looked like a road, I proceeded to navigate the truck between houses. Upon discovering that the shortcut was actually a snowmobile path through the playground and not really a road, I decided to turn around and take the real road. Too late. Truck sunk. Dressed for dinner at a friends and not for digging, I made my way to her house.

and sheepishly sought the help of the men attending. Not a great introduction. Fortunately with skillful rocking to and fro the visitor was able to un-stick the truck without the arduous task of digging.

Today's blog is an homage to the snowdrift. Like many things northern, the snow drift is schizophrenic; alternating between tempting beauty and dangerous deceit.

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