Tuesday, September 6, 2011

autumn arrives

We went looking for the White Crowned Sparrow and were surprised to find the Savannah Sparrow. They were very curious and flew just inches off the ground about 18 inches in front of our feet. That apparently didn't provide enough information so a scout landed just behind us and checked us out for a good while!

Who's watching who now?

Savannah Sparrow

Just before dusk, autumn grasses provide just the right colours in the fading light.

This duck got very cagey and slid into the wetland grasses to conceal her ducklings.
She has 8 ducklings and they seem to be in no hurry to move south. Other ducks; American Pintails and American Longtail have dropped in for some food and rest, staying for a very brief visit but this lot isn't quite ready to leave us yet!

Northern Pintail Duck

Too soon autumn has arrived on the tundra. It is spectacular! We had a surprise on the long weekend when we awoke to see snow in the distance.
With the arrival of autumn the fish are gone for the season the birds are also leaving us for the winter. I had a dismal fishing season. However the ones i did catch were healthy fish this year.

Luckily I've found me a hiking buddy and over hill and dale..or at least hill and muskeg we go. We've covered a lot of ground recently in search of migrating birds. This time of year there are stunning vistas and I love the cool wind on my face.
My favourite hiking food is a light-to-carry lunch means boiled eggs, trail mix, a cup for stream water and some type of sweet...fig newtons alleviate the guilt by providing a fruit!

Then I discovered Photomatix photo editing software! Duck country

I'm clearly not a pro at this which is why i love this particular photo editor, easy, fuss free enhancements! I trialed it for quite some time before I committed to the product, I have other free photo editors but don't really want to invest the time and effort into modifying the image pixel by pixel, or layer by layer.

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