Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Slow spring

The townsfolk are getting antsy for spring. Me included, so to beat the cabin fever I’ve taken up a new hobby. Yes I have now successfully preserved two skulls. Some think it’s morbid, but honestly, it reminds me of our mortality and especially our frailty.

This is a ptarmigan skull, very small and paper thin.

 Seal skull, it’s teeth are surprisingly sharp and serrated.

The seal was for my nephew, I had purchased the seal for dog meat for my pet. It seemed a shame to discard the head for the ravens. So I set about learning how to prepare an animal skeleton.
I’m quite pleased with the results and my nephew loved the unique gift. Seal is a bit trickier if I cut myself during the preparation, the infection could result in seal finger. Seal finger requires medical treatment and is unique from other infections.

The ptarmigan was my second attempt, now there is no risk of getting seal finger with a ptarmigan and the smaller skull was much more delicate to work with.

What is striking about both skulls is the size of their eyeball sockets in relationship to their skull.  Perhaps a biologist would be able to advise on that, I suspect the bird has big eyes to improve it’s night vision, and the seal for it’s life in the water.

Wonder what the next project will bring my way!

*the animals were killed legally by hunters, the ptarmigan hunter gladly provided me the skull upon request.*

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