Sunday, April 20, 2008

Arctic Spring

Springtime in the arctic is truly unlike spring in Ontario. True, the temperatures are milder and the windchill is kinder, but there will be no crocus springing forth through the snow. Spring is the return of the snow bunting and is the return of the sun. Those of you who know me well, know how I hate the hot humid days Ontario suffers under each summer, know that my ideal vacation does not include Cuba, Mexican Riveria or endless days beached in the sun. My move here was with the knowledge that summer may or may not arrive as I am accustomed, and it is that which I look forward.
June sees me returning briefly to Ontario, I shall arrive arctic shade of white (no I won't go tanning), I'll probably be in shock at the colours of the region, the heat and the short days.

My southern friends and family take turns jabbing at me with their news of gardens, warm sunny walks and all the ritual springtime activities, I have nothing to jab back with. Should I say; " ya but we have dog sledding in June..beat that!" They will surely laugh. Rest assured none of them has been in an igloo, seen a raven's steamy breath, nor experienced the raw beauty of the north.
Every morning is different and awe inspiring. My day begins and ends with the look down the bay. I don't have to fight the 401, I don't have to wait 20 minutes to exit the parking lot at Sunnybrook hospital, I don't have to wait four lights to scurry through my left hand turn! The long hot days inching my way home , cursing the weekend warriors on their hurry to the cottage, so they can hurry up and relax so they can hurry back, so they can hurry to work Monday morning are behind me.
So the arctic spring is ahead, mother nature gives the land long days for a quick harvest, a time to replenish the spirit and the body before the winter winds return.


Anonymous said...

What exactly got suntanned. From the picture it appears as if you are covered complete with face mask!!!

Shelley said...

Hey I did take the helmet off to eat you know!